Wumi Toriola demands apology from Afeez Owo over editing error in his movie, he responds (VIDEO)

Popular Nigerian actress Wumi Toriola has demanded an apology from the producer and other crew members over an editing error made during one of her scenes from the movie Ija, produced my Afeez Owo.

Wumi has been trending online over the last few days after a clip from a movie she starred in went viral.

The movie clip caught the attention of many after the actress was seen using two different wigs for the same scene.

Toriola, in reaction to being called out, took to her IG live to address the error. She noted that it wasn’t her fault but that of the movie director, producer and editor.

She said:

“There’s a movie I featured in and it’s been trending anyways, some smart people could realise it’s the work of the continuity and editor. This is what I say to producer, I released My Twin after a year, I’m not saying it’s perfect but at every point that I saw anything wrong I had to go back into the studio to re-edit.

And this is what we say to continuity, since the person knows that that scene was shot two times and the continuity was lost so we had to re-shoot the scene and the editor couldn’t notice it was two different shots.”

Emphatically, Wumi Toriola declared herself a victim of poor editing and left no room for ambiguity in her request. She insisted that Afeez Owo and his crew must make amends by issuing a public apology post.

Her words;

“And for the producers, I’m not even after the editor now, to preview the movie for whatever reason, maybe it was an oversight and it’s so sad that it goes back to the actor. I’m a victim of bad editing. I think I deserve an apology post and an apology from the editor, from the general crew, from the producer nothing is coming forth.”


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