“Carry this thing out” – Drama as Mummy Dollarz throws Aunty Ramota out of her house for refusing to greet her (Video)

A video is making the rounds on social media that reveals the moment Mummy Dollarz, the mother of famous Nigerian comedian Oluwadolarz recently showed small-sized actress Aunty Ramota the exit door after she refuses to greet her.

In a video widely shared, Aunty Ramota was seen at Mummy Dollarz’s residence, preparing for a movie shoot.

When spotted by the Skitmaker’s mother, she was asked to kneel and greet, a request she vehemently refused, sparking an immediate reaction from Mummy Dollarz’s daughter, who was also present on set.

Aunty Ramota stormed away in anger, but Mummy Dollarz wasn’t willing to let it slide. She forcefully pulled her back, insisting on a proper greeting, yet Ramota remained defiant.

Fueled by fury at her blatant disrespect, Mummy Dollarz promptly ordered her out of her house.

In a burst of annoyance, Aunty Ramota stormed out of the house and positioned herself outside the gate, seething with frustration.

Mummy Dollarz, wearing a smile that thinly veiled her simmering fury, approached her to continue delivering a scathing reprimand for her disrespectful actions.

She wasted no time in relaying Ramota’s behavior to her son, Oluwadolarz, who quickly arrived at the scene.

Following interventions from others on set and several minutes of persuasion, Aunty Ramota eventually relented.

She humbly knelt before Mummy Dollarz, offered a sincere apology, and a respectful greeting. The encounter culminated in a warm embrace between the two.

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