“You be better wife, enter room, let’s go make another baby” – Portable teases first wife, Bewaji amidst clash with 4th baby mama Ashabi Simple

In the midst of his conflict with his first baby mother, Ashabi Simple, Portable taunts the single and unmarried people, asking Omobewaji, his first wife, to make another baby.

It would be recalled that the singer declared that Ashabi Simple is nothing other than his side chick whom he impregnated and cautioned her against referring to him as her husband.

While many have kept watch on the drama going on between the duo, Portable has shared an adorable moment with his first wife.

He could be seen teasing her while they were in the living room of his house.

The Zazoo star began teasing her, telling her that they should go into the room and make for themselves another baby.

Watch the video below:

news recall that Actress and skit creator Bukunmi Adeaga Ilori, better known by her stage as Kiekie, has disclosed she has a lot of messages from men in her DM.

The married content producer said on her Instagram page how many direct messages (DMs) she receives—which she characterized as always overflowing—have become overwhelming.

Because of the excessive number of texts, she mentioned that her phone had been constantly hooked to a charger since Friday.

The mother of one expressed how overburdened she felt, especially with all of the bank warnings she was receiving daily and the turmoil going on around her.

She did, however, state that she would not lower her standards for the benefit of others.

She then went on to list the requirements for anyone who wanted to get married to her.

“1) I don’t eat locally made meals and Nigerian meals

2) I don’t spend money that’s not brand new. I just unwrap the notes myself

3) If you want to marry me, you must be prepared to bathe me 6 times daily

4) You must be well connected

5) You just have a minimum of 5 citizenship/5 passports

6) You must be the only existing family member”.

“My! Goodness! My DMs are so full! Literally on fire!!!!!

“My phone has been permanently plugged into a charger since Friday! Goodness, I’m so overwhelmed! Men won’t let me rest! I can’t even breathe! Bank Alert every gaddem second! Goodness!!

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