“A man will always cheat; cheating is a man’s next skin” – Actor Baba Tee Spills

Nollywood actor, Babatunde Bernard, better known as Baba Tee has stated that cheating is inevitable in a man’s world because it is ingrained in them.

The actor, who recently revealed how his first wife physically assaulted him, made this statement in a recent interview on The Honest Bunch podcast.

He asserts that a man’s thoughts are constantly focused on his wife, even when he is engaging in extramarital affairs.

Cheating, whether it’s liked or not, is a man’s “next skin”—that is, unless a woman chooses to marry an AI and give it her complete control.

Nedu Wazobia asked if a woman is genuinely wasting her time for attempting to make a man faithful to her. Baba Tee replied that the woman wants to spend the rest of her life alone.

Mixed reactions trailed the actor’s statement.

Check out some reactions below

Verified homie said: “Normal level for me and my friends. I cheat but I still love my wife infact I don’t joke with her”

capreneur noted: “I’m a man and I disagree with this statement… believe me or not, l’ve never cheated in a relationship before… I’m not handicap or not sexually attractive…I’m just disciplined”

miz_hope_adagold said: “That last word, she wants to leave alone for the rest of her life 😩😩. Much love babatee, words 💥💥💥”

iceangel_262 wrote: “Hmmmm cheating still remain a dealbreaker for me”


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