Life of a Legend, What you need to know about Late veteran Actor Yekini Ajileye, The producer of Koto Aiye, Eran Iya osogbo and many more (Details)

Life of a Legend Late Alhaji Yekini Ajileye BETWEEN the early and mid-1990s there emerged a new phase in the Nigerian film and television industry, which unknowingly was to give birth to what is today known as Nollywood. One of the front line actors and producers whose works contributed to that change was Alhaji Yekini Ajileye.

Yekini Ajileye was one of the front runner in Yoruba Nollywood with Movies like Ide, Koto orun, Koto Aye, Eran iya Oshogbo, Buharimo omo orukan and the likes.

His movies was probably one of the best movies produced then with the likes of Abija wara bi ekun displaying awesome skills against the witches.

Ajileye movie was said to be a dangerous movie to do but He never for once stop doing what he knows best as he continues to expose witchcraft. It was rumored that it’s the kind of movies he produced that led to his untimely death on October 11, 2006 two years after the death of his wife Mujidat Ajileye who was also a constant cast in His Movies.

Yekini Ajileye Success with Koto Orun led to the birth of Koto Aye and it was an instant success as the movie was watched around the globe with new innovation like the ‘Ado’ of Abija. This movies led to the Emergence of ‘Oyiboyi Tamo tiye’, A fearsome witch in movies.

There were many cast in the movie such as Iya Gbonkan, Abeni Agbon, Ogunjimi, Oyiboyi all ganging up against the King and Abija. It was really an awesome movie and a wonderful Script by the Writer.

The death of Ajileye was a painful exit to the 80’s and 90’s Yoruba Movie as the Actor was adored by many and they see him as a light they can shine with. His last Movie he produced before his death was ‘Aye Alaye’ which was released shortly after his death. One of his talented Cast, Tajudeen Akanmu also known as Koledowo died in 2008.

Yekini Ajileye was really a great man who has a lot to offer, it’s shame death took him away that early. May his Beloved Soul Rest in Peace. Yekini Ajileye Rest on!

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