“Mohbad appeared to me and told me he could not go to heaven” Prophetess Adetoun

Actress and prophetess Adeetoun has made a shocking revelation recently during an intimate interview with host Chude Jideonwo.

While speaking extensively about her life and her values, she spoke out about the late Mohbad and a revelation that she had gotten from him. She expressed that moments after Mohbad had died, she had received a revelation from him during one of her spiritual moments and he had cried out to her that he needed to be at peace.

She also expressed that Mohbad had revealed to her that he was unable to go to heaven and at the same time he could not also find rest. She expressed how she had been able to finally grant him rest.

During the interview, Chude asked how why she did not come out to express all of this to the public in details and she revealed that previously when she had come out with her evelations about Mohbad, Nigerians had slammed her fiercely for being a clout chaser.

She also expressed that the social media ruckus that she created had made her take a step back. She however disclosed that there were intimate details that she knew about the cause of Mohbad’s death and that if she decided to reveal them it would cause a lot of chaos.

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