Reactions as Portable briefly retires from music to be a fashion designer

Controversial singer Portable recently made headline news after he was videoed stitching a dress. He also revealed in the video that it was in preparation for his new fashion line; Zeh fashion.

This had a lot of people wondering if he had decided to quit his music to temporarily focus on fashion design. In the video, he is seen shirtless while intentionally stitching a red shirt with a tailoring machine.

Netizens have obviously taken to reacting to this in different ways. Some reactions have been hilarious while others more serious.

John Ojugo humorously revealed the anticipation behind his fashion line , “Streets high fashion” . Another netizen known as Blazin had this to say, supported him on his venture stating, “ if music no favor the guy, he can try something else”.

Another netizen known as Fortunate expressed his desire to learn fashion design. “I need to go learn how to make square neckline from ze fashion”. Another netizen known as Willspin compared his design to that of a herbalist saying, “Nah, herbalist dey sew this color the so?”

Recall that back in September of 2023, Portable had revealed that nobody failed him and that rather he had been the one to fail himself by trusting and believing in people.

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