“We Need to Create a Purse In 2024 To Avoid Beggars Online” Jaiye Kuti Speaks About Nollywood Veterans Begging Online ‎

Renowned Nollywood actress Jaiye Kuti has found herself clarifying earlier comments about colleagues seeking help online, emphasizing that her statements were taken out of context.

This situation serves as a reminder of the potential for media statements to be misconstrued and highlights the importance of understanding the full context of such remarks.

In the interview with Legit.ng’s Nosa Oke-Hortons, Jaiye Kuti clarified that her intention was not to criticize or speak down on her elders in the industry. Instead, she emphasized that she was advocating for the establishment of a purse for insurance within the industry to provide support for practitioners, especially in their old age.

Jaiye Kuti’s clarification sheds light on the initial misunderstanding and underscores her genuine concern for the well-being of industry veterans who played a crucial role in laying the foundation for the current generation of actors. The actress emphasizes the need for a structured system, such as insurance, to take care of industry practitioners, particularly as they age.

This incident serves as a lesson in the nuances of communication and the potential for messages to be misinterpreted. It also highlights the broader issue of the challenges faced by older practitioners in the entertainment industry and the importance of addressing those challenges through thoughtful and constructive solutions.

“We need a purse for insurance” – Jaiye Kuti said

Jaiye Kuti finally cleared the air about her earlier statement, slamming industry practitioners for going on social media to beg for money. “Actually, what I was trying to achieve at the time was for our industry to have a purse for insurance.

Our elders have been there; they started this job and helped lay the foundation of what many of us enjoy today, and for that reason, I would never ridicule them or speak down on them. I was only clamouring for insurance to take care of them in their old age.”

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