“My Hope Is Dashed, Dreams Dead”– Veteran Actor “Tunde Yussuf” Mourn The Death Of His Son Rokeeb Abidemi Who Is An Exceptional upcoming Actor But Passes Away Today

Veteran actor Tunde Ola Yusuf has shared a video of a teen actor Rokeeb Abidemi Raji who is expected to be his son that recently kicked the bucket today.

He prayed that may we not lose any of our children at a very young age.

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He further revealing that it’s from God that we came and it’s from him that we shall all return.

He wrote: Hope Dashed!!!
Dreams Dead!!!
Vision Blurred!!!
Mission Aborted!!!

We can only find succour in the fact that “inna lillahi wa ina ilaehi rojihun – From Allah we come and unto him we shall all return”

Please choose a long life if you are reincarnated, Good Night Rokeeb Abidemi Raji…

See social media reaction on the young actor death below;

Iamoyetolaelemosho wrote: I feel so bad right now …God! He was a very smart boy ..REST ON CHAMP

Ibukun_ades wrote: It is well..rest well boy
Olorun ma je ka foju sukun omo 🙏🏻

Bukkylawal wrote: Haaaaaaaa 😢😮…… What happened to him? 🤦🤷

Iamoloyedebas wrote: Hummmmm, so sad, hummm, may his soul rest in peace

Officialblackbony wrote: Innalillah no parent deserve dis pain. May God console the family😢, Grant him Jannah

Empressprettywears1 wrote: Ina Lila hi waina ilaehi rojiun so sad 😭

Simply _yhemzy wrote: Lord have mercy😢😢😢may God rest his soul 🙏

Watch his video below;

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