“I am very good in bed and I will take care of you my love”- Singer Young Duu bodly shoots his shot at DJ Cuppy

Emerging music sensation Young Duu sparks a social media frenzy as he takes a bold step to express his romantic interest in DJ Cuppy. The renowned female celebrity, known for her past relationships, finds herself back in the spotlight of romantic speculation.

Young Duu spiced things up on X, throwing his hat in the ring for DJ Cuppy’s attention.
Spotting her sizzling pink ensemble on X, he cheekily slid into her mentions, laying down the charm and asked the burning question on relationship status

Oluwabamishe Lukman Abioro, aka Young Duu, a Fast-rising crooner and ex-protégé of singer Portable, is making waves online with a daring romantic gesture aimed at billionaire heiress Florence Otedola, more commonly recognized as DJ Cuppy.

The singer, who had a single with Carter Efe, via X, set his sights on his fellow artiste.

DJ Cuppy had earlier, taken to social media, flaunted her style on X with a snapshot, donning a signature pink crop top and skirt, showcasing her fashion prowess to the virtual audience.

After glimpsing the snapshot, Young Duu decided to shoot his shot at the DJ. He kicked things off by introducing himself and slyly inquired if she was single.

However, The DJ has remained tight-lipped in response to Young Duu’s tweet, leaving a sense of suspense and curiosity lingering among followers.


This is coming few hours after DJ Cuppy trended online over a message she penned to her former admirer Asiwaju Lerry on X.

Asiwaju Lerry trended a few years ago when he publicly took his shot at the billionaire daughter.

He eventually met Cuppy in person in April 2022 at her grandmother’s birthday party, with fun pictures of them trending online.

Cuppy’s sudden message to Lerry on Wednesday, January 3, has caused a buzz in the online community.

She wrote: “Hiiiiiii it’s me again @_AsiwajuLerry.” 

Reacting, Lerry shared a meme depicting an expression of disbelief.

Cuppy’s message to Lerry came after her failed relationship with Oyinbo boxer Ryan Taylor.

In a recent social media revelation, the boxer asserted that he initiated the breakup with DJ Cuppy and other exes, promptly offering his rationale. DJ Cuppy swiftly responded to his claims.

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