“This is called heaven blessing” — Nigerians jubilate as Jet Businessman, Steve Varsano makes plans to collaborate with Ola of Lagos

Nigerians worldwide celebrate as popular Jet businessman and vendor Steve Varsano expresses interest in collaborating with luxury brand influencer Ola of Lagos.

This follows a recent incident where the Jet vendor called out Ola for inflating the price of a plane he was advertising.

The video had gathered many reactions and many people had expressed their displeasure with Ola for inflating prices of items in the name of luxury.

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Ola of Lagos had addressed the allegations, stating that prices are not determined by him but by the owner of the item and he is simply only a marketer.

Luck has shined on him as the PA to Steve Varsona reached out to him on Instagram asking for his mobile number so they can collaborate and work together in the future.

The PA also clarified that there was no malicious intent behind the video his boss made and they had no idea it would go viral.


Some reactions to the post below

@Chrisdaramola said: “Mhen! Heavenly blessings on him.”

@Yemihazan wrote: “People don’t learn, there are some level of grace you can’t fight…”

@OyinTGSPE added: “But that Private Jet still not $16m , he should stop inflat!ng prices unnecessary”

@onefynboylykdat reacted: “See how God works”

@Iykekomo_ said: “It was bound to happen sooner. Don’t joke with Nigeria social media networking. And More importantly, Man no be God 🙏🏾”

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