I thought I won’t survive my wive’s d€ath –Doyin Hassan Recount How She Lost His First 2 Wife’s Before She got Married In 2022 And God Bless us With A baby In 2023

‘I was the one that waited for 24 years and not my new wife. My testimony was misunderstood. I first got married to Deola on June 5, 1999. I lost her in 2008. Then I married Bola in 2010, I lost her in 2020. I married Oladunni in 2022 and God blessed us with a baby girl. I shared the testimony because I waited for 24 years’ -Actor Doyin Hassan

Actor, producer and director, Doyin Hassan, has stated that he thought he would not survive the death of his wife, who passed on five months ago.

Speaking during an Instagram Live session, monitor by Sunday Scoop he said, “I am surviving. My wife was everything to me. She was an encourager.

My wife passed on unexpectedly because she was not sick. We had been married for almost 10 years before her demise. If one has a spouse that is supportive of one’s vision and the person is very experienced in that field, it makes things a lot better. I am not talking about a wife that is submissive and supportive. I am talking about getting married to a forerunner in the field that one operates.

“If I was feeling lazy and could not pray, she was the one that usually pushed me. That is the kind of spouse everybody should aspire to have.

When my wife died, I did not know I could survive it because I feel her presence all the time. When I think about her or remember the things she used to say, I begin to laugh alone. I had heard so many things about her before we got married but when we tied the knots, I realised that she was even holier than what I saw on the peripheral level.”

Hassan, who has often been compared to a ghost because of his infamous role in a Mount Zion film titled, ‘Captives of the Mighty’, stated that he developed a tough skin after the movie.

He said, “Over time, I have grown a very thick skin, especially when people say negative things about one in the media. One’s followership on social media is not just because they love one, they just want to gossip. Being negative sometimes can attract followership.

I do not have many followers but I know those that follow me are probably Christians or people who love the gospel and want to encourage me.

There are people who appreciate what I do and there are also people who hate me for the role I played in a movie.

To me, it means that I succeeded in convincing them and that’s the purpose. There is no point acting a role and people are wondering if one really has any acting prowess.”

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