“Una Don Carry Our Babalawo Go Apartment”–Alapini OSHA and Lalude’s Fun-filled Time with Gee Boys in Lekki Apartment (Video)

In a trending video, veteran actors Alapini OSHA and Lalude are spotted vibing with affluent individuals in a Lekki apartment.

The seasoned actors, clad in nothing but their smiles and showcasing their jovial spirits, dance together in the video posted by Sanyeri.

Social media reactions vary, with users expressing both amusement and support for the carefree enjoyment displayed by the actors.

Notable Comments:
– Iamdrwhiteberry: Shares a playful prayer invoking a light-hearted tone.
– Me_vs_me_girl: Encourages embracing the joy of life, expressing blessings.
– Iam_bhadtype: Injects humor, suggesting that those who criticize should join in the fun.
– Isaywhatilike: Acknowledges the complexities of adulthood but advocates for enjoying life.
– Mummy_4boy: Light-heartedly references potential reasons for the actors’ exuberance, relating to a stoner lifestyle.

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