“She Has Loss Her Zazu Hairstyles “– Anty Ramota Handler Lara Voiced Out Over Anty Ramota Using Bleaching Cream ‎

The administrator of Anty Ramota’s page has disclosed a recent development – Anty Ramota has lost her Zazu Hairstyles.

The revelation sheds light on the challenges faced by her handlers, as Anty Ramota seemingly disregards their instructions.

The post highlights the persistent issues faced by her handlers, emphasizing Anty Ramota’s resistance to following advice.

Furthermore, it is disclosed that she has been using bleaching cream against Lara’s warnings about its potential harm to her body, especially given her current condition.

Anty Ramota has had various handlers, and Lara is not the first to face challenges managing her. Successful management of Anty Ramota requires extraordinary patience and a high level of tolerance, as articulated in the post. It emphasizes that without 99% tolerance, handling Anty Ramota can be an arduous task.

The post is accompanied by a statement expressing frustration, stating that Aunty Ramota not only lost her Zazu hairstyle but is also giving Lara “bombastic side eyes,” indicating a challenging relationship between the two.

The situation described in the post provides a glimpse into the complexities of managing Anty Ramota, and it underscores the importance of patience and tolerance in handling individuals with unique personalities and preferences.

She Wrote: Aunty Ramota has loss the zazu hair she made 🤦🏾‍♀️ this aunty doesn’t listen at all she’s even giving Lara bombastic side eyes 🤦🏾‍♀️

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