See The Children Of Late Popular Yoruba Twins, Taiwo And Kehinde Osuolale a.k.a “Ibeji Oran” (See Photos) ‎

Taiwo and Kehinde Osuolale are popular Yoruba movie twins who rose to prominence several years ago after appearing in the late Yekini Ajileye’s film and became instant celebrities

REPORT: 'IBEJI-ORAN', popular twin-entertainers who married same day and  died a year apart
REPORT: 'IBEJI-ORAN', popular twin-entertainers who married same day and  died a year apart

Do You Still Remember Taiwo And Kehinde Osuolale? See Photos Of How They  Look . - Celebrities - Nigeria
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Do You Still Remember Taiwo And Kehinde Osuolale? See Photos Of How They  Look . - Celebrities - Nigeria
Last of Yoruba 'horrible' twins (Ibeji Oran), Taiwo Osuolale has died |  BTF2K

Taiye and Kehinde Osuolale are identical twins known as Ibeji Oran in Yoruba cinema. These names were given to them because of their roles in the epic film Ide, which was produced by late Yekini Ajileye in 1993. 

The diminutive actors haven’t looked back since. The happily married couple has also appeared in films such as ‘Koto Aiye’ and ‘Seranko Seniyan,’ among others.

Their horrible appearance and stigmatization have never slowed their progress in the industry.

The Osogbo entertainers believed that there is talent in deformity.

In an interview in 2011, they discussed issues concerning their lives and careers.

We were created by God. He made each of us in our own unique way.

We’ve moved on from feeling sorry for ourselves. What other people say doesn’t bother us. We are aware that we are unique beings. That is why we are creating a documentary based on our personal experiences.

The title of the film is Osuolale, after our father. It’s about our lives, how we came to be the people we are today. People will stop stigmatizing us after seeing the film, I believe. We were not born in this manner.

We want people to be on the lookout for the film. It will be available very soon.

Many people are reluctant to help us. If they had been willing, we could have grown much larger.

Look at Aki and Pawpaw; if people hadn’t helped them, they wouldn’t be as successful as they are now.

Another source of pain is the fact that we are not financially secure.

We want to move because we need more money to help ourselves and our families, but unfortunately, no one is willing to help us.

Our most embarrassing moment occurred just before our wedding.

People didn’t think we’d find a wife.

They didn’t believe we’d ever have normal children. But we thank God for using our testimonies to silence them.

Despite the fact that Taiye’s wife is no longer with him.

She left following their marriage.

He is, however, the proud father of a baby girl.

Blessing is her name.

When asked why she left, what happened?

Taiye replied, “I’m not sure.” She only said she wanted to see her family. Her family also made a contribution. We paid her bride price and did everything else, but her family did not return her when she went to them.

We’ve never regretted the way God created us; there’s no reason to. Many people who are better than us are no longer alive. We are grateful to God that we are still alive.

The physically challenged twins, dubbed “Ibeji Oran” (Mysterious Twins), married in 2010, and on November 12, 2011, one of them (Taiwo) celebrated the naming ceremony of their new baby as well as the release of their first film, “Osuolale.”

The event, held at Leisure Hall in Osogbo, the capital of Osun State, was the talk of the town, with two Fuji stars on the band stand, Wasiu Alabi Pasuma and Saheed Osupa.

The event was organized by Afeez Salami, CEO of Afeezco Films and Records, a leading marketer in Idumota Lagos.

In 2014, Kehinde Osuolale passed away.

Ibeji Oran star Taiwo Osuolale died one year after his twin brother, Kehinde Osuolale.

Taiwo Osuolale died a year after his twin brother, Kehinde Osuolale.

The actors rose to prominence for their roles as terrible twins in late Yekini Ajileye’s film, before disappearing from the scene.

According to reports, Taiwo died in 2015 and was buried in his home in Owode, Ilesa, Osun State.

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