“Why people blamed me for Olaide Oyedeji’s failed marriage” Actor Ayo Olaiya spills, shed lights on his relationship with colleague (Video)

Nollywood actor, Ayo Olaiya has addressed his relationship with his female colleague, Olaide Oyedeji.Read more: “Why people blamed me for Olaide Oyedeji’s failed marriage” Actor Ayo Olaiya spills, shed lights on his relationship with colleague.

The talented role interpreter in an interview with Biola Bayo on her Talkshow, Talk To B, noted how people were blaming him for the actress’s failed marriage.

Ayo stated that he will never forget the day he met Laide as an actor, as he praised her for her exceptional role in his series, Jacob. He revealed that Laide went through a lot when shooting his movie and the s3xual scenes made many believe it was the reason her marriage didn’t work.

He recounted how he was confronted by a woman overseas over his s3xual scenes as she blamed him for crashing the marriages of his colleagues.

Speaking on his relationship with her, the married actor made it known that he doesn’t have anything intimate going on with Laide and his creator can bear him witness.

“I will never forget the day I met Laide as an actor. Being in my movie, Brother Jacob, she went through a lot. She did it so well that people started saying I was the one who sent her out of her matrimonial home. Meanwhile, she and her husband were having issues before I cast her in my movie.

I went to America and a woman confronted me over the sexual scenes in my movies, saying anytime I act with married women, they end up leaving their matrimonial home.

There is nothing between me and Laide. God is my witness”.

Months back, Olaide Oyedeji and Ayo Olaiya came under fire over their provocative video.

In a joint video shared on their Instagram pages, the two were seen in a romantic mood touching each other inappropriately as they filmed his movie.

The video left many of their fans disappointed and disgusted, especially with the way. Many had claimed that such an act was the reason she divorced her husband.

Recall that last year, Olaide Oyedeji had blown hot over the heavy criticisms she received for leaving her marriage.

Speaking out, Laide warned her critics to refrain from trolling her, as she rhetorically questioned when a marriage has become a do-or-die affair in Nigeria.

The movie star emphasized how she wouldn’t have left her marriage if everything was rosy and it was good.

On Father’s Day, Olaide had shaded him, as she gave a shout-out to all deadbeat fathers while reducing them to being sperm donors for not shouldering their responsibilities.

Olaide Oyedeji isn’t the only actress he has taken heat over. The Yoruba actor had earned backlash for holding the waist of his Biola Bayo during her son’s naming ceremony.

The Yoruba star had shared a cozy video of him and Biola, where he was seen holding the waist of his married colleague at her child’s naming ceremony.

The video didn’t sit well with many who dragged him over his behavior with a married woman.

Ayo Olaiya is happily married and just months back, his wife surprised him on a movie set with a brand-new car

Olaiya who was taken aback by the grand gesture, took to social media to express gratitude to his wife, while also praising her.

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