“Thank You For Finally Accepting Me”— Congratulations Pour In As Yoruba Actor Leye Adesile Kuti Finally Tie The Knots With His Colleagues In The Industry (Watch)

Prominent Nigerian actor Leye Adesile Kuti has happily transitioned from the single life, as he recently exchanged vows with the love of his life. This heartwarming union represents a major milestone in the actor’s personal journey, garnering the well-wishes and attention of both fans and colleagues in the entertainment industry.

In a video shared on his Instagram page, the actor expressed his deep affection for his wife, emphasizing that she is the last person he sees before bedtime and the first person he sees upon waking up in the morning.

He further extended his prayer, fervently asking God to ensure that the love between him and his wife remains unbreakable.

Leye Adesile Kuti, known for his remarkable talent and contributions to Nollywood, has embarked on a new chapter in his life, embracing the happiness and commitment that marriage brings. This celebrated moment is a testament to the power of love and marks the beginning of a beautiful journey as husband and wife.

Post Captions: You are the first person I’ll see in the morning and the last I see before sleeping at night. May this routine never breaks???????? Forever to Go…I love U. Aya ibirogba ❤️

Watch The Video Below

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