“Una no fit make heaven” – Netizens blast Aunty Ramota hair stylists over comments in video (Watch)

The video of Aunty Ramota, the controversial Nigerian film actress, also known as Ramota Adetu, creating a stir among online users as she styles her hair has sparked a frenzy on social media.

In the video clip, it appears that the hairstylist, surrounded by assistants, had completed the hairstyle and was applying finishing touches.

Following Aunty Ramota’s instructions, she used black gel on certain areas of the actress’s head where hair was sparse, accompanied by background voices offering commentary.

They seemed to be joking about the hairstyle, offering various statements while pretending to praise the style.

At one moment, Aunty Ramota seemed pleased as the hairstylists continued their enthusiastic commentary. However, this didn’t sit well with some viewers of the video who criticized those in the background for making unkind remarks.

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