“If you block me with your phone at an event, I will break it” Bobrisky reacts following viral video of him f^ghting with a lady

Transgender and Internet personality, Bobrisky, has recently found himself at the center of a new controversy. Following viral video capturing a verbal exchange between him and a female fan he has broken his silence on the incident, offering an explanation of the events that unfolded.

According to Bobrisky, the altercation occurred because the fan did not respect her boundaries. He recounted how the woman in question took filming a step too far. Bobrisky described the woman’s actions as invasive, alleging that she nearly put her phone in his eye in what looked like an attempt to capture unflattering footage.

In a the live video, Bobrisky expressed his frustration, questioning if he was the only celebrity at the event. He also admitted to confronting the woman, warning her against filming him in such a manner and threatening to break her phone if she persisted. The incident, while intense, fortunately did not escalate into physical confrontation.

Further addressing his fans in the live video, Bobrisky issued a stern warning. He stated that he would not tolerate being filmed in a manner that obstructs his movement or invades his personal space, threatening to break the phones of those who do so.

”If you see me at an event, and you block my way with your phone, I will break it”

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