Expectant Mother Causes A Buzz As She Flaunts Pregnancy (photos)

A heavily pregnant woman proudly showcases her exceptionally large baby bump while moving herself comfortably, leaving many gushing.

A video making the rounds on TikTok posted by @chommyto, captured the remarkable size and prominence of her pregnancy.

In the video, she held a tripod with a shape resembling a gun and playfully mimicked shooting actions like in movies. The striking sight of her substantial baby bump stirred curiosity and fascination among the audience.

As the video gained traction on the video-sharing platform, netizens flooded the comments section with messages of congratulations and amazement.

Reactions trailing heavy pregnancy of an expectant mother

Misty Fireballs penned: “Some foetus decide how to disfigure our bodies ???? ???????????? Pregnancy is not you’re child’s play.”

violarqueen reacted: “Why I’m I having goosebumps. This music is really meant for you.”

jessysteve39 reacted: “Congratulations (s) I tap from your blessings triplets in Jesus mighty name Amen.”

Lamide commented: “Congratulations.”

Ebele Juliet Emeka said: “You are the winner, congratulations.”

Nnehbaby reacted: “Congratulations. This is my portion next year in Jesus name. Amen.”

.too_sweet commented: “God i really need this now, give me money to marry, my age is going fast as a man.”

Watch the video below…

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