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A few months ago, the movie stars attended a burial service held by Bamidele Omosehin, a London-based superstar.
After Surutu confronted Balogun, things are said to have gotten out of hand.

Surutu may or may not have slapped Balogun, depending on whose version of the story you read.

Lizzy Anjorin and Toyin Abraham

Toyin Abraham, Africa’s top actress and film producer, has been holding grudges against newlywed and fellow actress Lizzy Anjorin.

Last year, Lizzy and Toyin had a public feud, with Lizzy labeling Toyin a “lying bastard.” She accused Toyin of spreading fake information about her imprisonment in Saudi Arabia for drug trafficking on social media.

When Lizzy refused to congratulate Toyin on the birth of her child with her husband, Kolawole Ajeyemi, the hostility spilled into public.

Lizzy revealed that she declined to applaud Toyin because she was a conceited person, not the sweetness she portrays on social media.

Toyin threatened Lizzy with legal action and sent her a “stop and desist” letter.

The squabble appears to be continuing.

Laide Bakare and Kemi Afolabi

Nollywood actresses Laide Bakare and Kemi Afolabi-once-romantic Adesipe’s relationship has soured. For several days, the two closest friends, who are now sworn rivals, have been arguing on social media.

Despite attempts by friends and coworkers to call them to order, the two have opted to continue their humiliating display. It all started when Laide Bakare was singled out by Kemi Afolabi, who described her as deluded, insane, and an attention seeker without explaining why. Laide responded by labeling Kemi a “crazy fellow and awful hater with a man’s physique.”

Iyabo Ojo and Faithia William

She claims that the actress has always been envious of the industry’s younger stars. She also stated how, despite snitching on her, she was active in preparing her two-year-old birthday in Turkey. There were even rumors that their falling out was caused by a younger lover.

The rumor has been around for the past three months or so. The gist has been that two renowned Yoruba actresses, Fathia Balogun and Iyabo Ojo, have stopped speaking to one other and are engaged in a cold war over various problems, such as “call me Aunty, I won’t call you Aunty.” Some have said that Faithia ceased speaking to Iyabo after she signed a deal with Corporate Pictures, which is owned by Alhaji Rasaq Abdullahi and has funded Faithia’s work for years. According to the narrative, Faithia was enraged by Iyabo’s decision to work with Corporate Pictures, and she decided to end her long-term association with the company. However, since their “battle” began last year, both of them have

But since last year when their “fight” began,both of them had refused to talk about it,so also Iyabo Ojo,despite intense pressure from their friends and the media. In a recent interview,

Nkechi Blessing Sunday and Bobrisky

Nkechi Blessing is a Nigerian actress. Sunday is now exchanging virtual blows with controversial crossdresser and social media figure Bobrisky on Instagram.

Earlier this afternoon, the two celebrities got into a furious verbal sparring match on the platform, calling each other unprintable names and airing dark facts about themselves.

The feud between Bobrisky and Nkechi Blessing began when Nkechi Blessing apologized to the female fan who depicted her as a tattoo, which she had previously rejected.

A Bobrisky fan commented on the post, implying that Nkechi Blessing wrote the apology because she was afraid of Bobrisky, who had previously encouraged “fans” to be careful who they followed.

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