“ I go fight this Fight!!! Infact I go mention name with my full chest!!!!!!” Bimpe Akintunde vows as she vents out (Video)

Nollywood actress, Bimpe Akintunde isn’t backing out from her public call-out anytime soon.

The Yoruba star had hours ago, unleashed fury and had vowed to speak out.

Bimpe noted how she isn’t one to fight on social media, however, she wouldn’t hold back this time around and would start throwing bottles. Though she didn’t shed light on the cause of her outburst, it seems related to her work, as she noted how every one of them is also working for money.

Now giving an update on it, there is no cause for alarm as the actress is only expressing anger at how her fans and followers aren’t watching her movies.

Bimpe noted how she has over 900k followers on Instagram, yet 100k of her followers can support her by watching her new movie, which has been on YouTube for over a week. She questioned the essence of loving each other if they can’t support one another.

“Does of you saying I shouldn’t fight are the reasons why I am fighting because what is the essence of saying we love each other when we can’t help each other?

I have over 900k followers on Instagram, and we are showing each other love and entertaining each other, yet I released a movie almost going to a week now and 100k people haven’t seen it. And you said I shouldn’t fight. Me I didn’t fight oo but I would always speak my mind. You guys can unfollow me because I am one of the most engaged celebrities but yet can’t show me love”.

“Make una Show me Love as much as I dey show ppl!!!!! Pls Go on YouTube and watch AMOKE ONISOFITINA
Ayam still coming o!!!! I go fight this Fight!!! In fact, I go mention name with my full chest!!!!!!”.

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