“I’m Nothing Without You Mum”– Mercy Aigbe Daughter Says As She Get Emotional, Shed Tears Of Joy (Watch)

Mercy Aigbe’s daughter Michelle recently graduated from the University of Manitoba Canada and has shared emotional words with tears on her face.

She Reveals that she is nothing without her mother and God because all the confidence she has today is from her mother who gave it to her and she appreciates everything done for her.

Mercy Aigbe in return writes an open letter to her daughter for making her proud today and for never allowing her to make any regret in life.

An Open Letter To My Amazing Daughter.

Dear Michelle @michelleio__ ,

For 22 years you have been constant in my life,we have cried together ,laughed together,experienced life together.

I remember when i decided you will be going to study abroad,I was so scared of so many things but you kept assuring me you will be fine.
I cried so many times because i was so worried about you leaving my side but today I am so thankful that i made that decision.

Look at you. Look at how far you have come.
I am so thankful to be a huge part of your life and the wonder God is making out of your life.
In the past years, i have seen you face your fears, gone through the things life brought and come out just fine. You have grown to be this Smart, Very Brilliant, Extremely Hardworking, Intelligent young woman and i’m loving it 😍
I tell you every single time and i am saying it again; I AM VERY PROUD OF YOU MICHELLE.. Thank you for not throwing the morals and values I taught you away, Thank you for always remembering the daughter of who you are. ❤️
You make me so happy and i pray that this feeling is forever. 🙏

As you move on to a new season in life. I pray that God Almighty will hold you by the hand and guide you. You will not falter, you will not stumble. He will keep you and be everything that you need him to be for you in every step of the way.

Michelle, Look at you, Gorgeous, Intelligent, God Fearing, Prayerful, A Goal Getter, Brilliant, Calm, Humble, Tenacious, Smart, Respectful, Caring , so Gracious and a Good Cook 🤤(your jollof rice in particular 😂😍🤤)

I love you wholeheartedly my darling daughter 😍

Thank you for making Momma Proud 🥲 😍

Congratulations once again my love @michelleio__ 🏆🏆

Mom of the latest Graduate, Mummy Michelle 😁
Mercy Aigbe ..

N.B Thank you @diamonddropss for putting Michelle’s outfit together at such a short notice 😁

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