“The autopsy is taking too long, police should release his body, we need to do DNA for his son “- Mohbad’s dad laments (video)

Mr. Joseph Aloba, father of late Nigerian singer, Mohbad laments the delay in autopsy results and also shared his opinion on conducting a DNA test on his grandson Liam.

The late father of Mohbad decried how long the autopsy is taking and urged the police to hasten things up or take the parts they needed and release the body for burial, for Mohbad has been appearing to all of the people in the dream.

Joseph Aloba also stated that a DNA test for his grandson must be done in his presence to confirm his true paternity.

He claimed that the controversy surrounding a DNA test on Mohbad’s son has spread throughout Nigeria and is now a national issue.

In his words,”The autopsy is taking too long. I didn’t know it would be delayed like this. The police should take the parts they need in him and release the body for burial. The DNA is a must to be done. Everyone is requesting for it all over the world. I am from Ikere-Ekiti, we don’t accept bastards in our family and they cannot do it in my absence. It will be a thing of pride for me if Liam turns out to be Mohbad’s son because that is the only child he left behind.

It is good we know the truth now because of the future. I don’t want the dead to blame me that daddy why did you accept the boy without proper verification so DNA is very necessary. A lot of people are seeing him in their dreams because he has not been buried properly. He needs to be buried as soon as possible”.

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