“My breed is not your regular ones”- Laide Bakare brags as she set to launch a book on ‘How to Make Millions in 6 months’

Nigerian actress Laide Bakare, has continue to brag as she set to break new grounds wit her upcoming book, “How to Make Millions in 6 Months: My Extraordinary Journey to Wealth.”

In a recent announcement, Laide Bakare took to her social media platforms to share photos from her birthday party, and also use the moment to reveal her upcoming literary work.

According to her, the book promises to be a captivating journey into the actress’s life and strategies that have catapulted her to success and wealth.

In her social media posts, Laide Bakare shared her excitement about her birthday party and the upcoming book, affirming that her breed is not the regular one.

She wrote, “My Birthday party celebration is just About to be blue,💃😀💃 And it’s just gonna be throughout this year and even enter Next year. Remember I’m uncommon laide. My breed is Not your regular ones. The most Awaited Book of the century is finally ready 💃🕺🏻🙏💃 HOW TO MAKE MILLIONS IN 6 MONTH by your Truly @laide.bakarehub @simlineboss warming up for world 🌎 Tour. 💃”

Fans and followers are eagerly awaiting the release of “How to Make Millions in 6 Months” as Laide Bakare prepares to share her wealth-building strategies, inspiring others to strive for their financial aspirations in unconventional ways.

See her post below:

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