“Mohbad’s wife refuses to pick my calls or show me the results” – Man who vowed to give N10M if DNA result is true claims (Video)

A businessman who promised to provide Mohbad’s wife ten million naira if the DNA test came back positive says she has refused to pick up the phone and claims no DNA test was performed.

The man had promised to pay Mohbad’s wife ten million naira if the test confirmed that the singer’s son, Liam, was actually his.

The man revealed in a recent video clip that he attempted to phone his wife this morning. She didn’t answer the phone, and when she did, she hung up.

He claimed that, contrary to popular belief, no DNA test had been performed.

The man argued about how the DNA sample of the late singer had been gotten and if the wife had truly offered her own DNA sample for the test.

Watch him speak below:

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