“I Postrate And Beg Him When He Want To Throw Liam Inside RIIver”— Mohbad Father another Shocking Details Online (See DNA Report)

Mohbad’s father has once again given an interview, this time to another journalist, discussing his son’s unfortunate passing. The video of this interview was shared by the well-known anonymous blogger, Gistlover, on their Instagram page.

In this interview, Mohbad’s father made a startling revelation, mentioning that he had even heard that Mohbad had contemplated taking his son Liam and throwing him into a river due to the overwhelming frustrations he was facing, which he could not share with anyone.

He went on to suggest that the cause of his son’s death was the result of factors both within and outside their circle. However, he also acknowledged that he doesn’t possess all the information, deferring to the Nigerian police for a comprehensive investigation, with a firm belief that justice will ultimately prevail.

The father went on to explain that his son faced such immense turmoil that he couldn’t even find peace in sleep, as every time he did, his money would be transferred from his account without his consent.

He wrote:

The wife didn’t give him rest of mind, if my son sleeps she transfers money on my sons phone, my son loves me the most but unfortunately they didn’t allow him do anything tangible for me, my son didn’t buy a single block before he passed on, he was killed both at home and outside, Mohbad Father Mr ALOBA reveals in a new interview.

Watch The Video Below:

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