“We agreed you won’t go public”- Prophetess Osoba drag Mohbad’s father for giving out his acct no for fund raising (video)

Nigeria Prophetess Kehinde Osoba has call out the late Mohbad’s father, Mr Joseph Aloba for giving out his account his bank account number to the public.

Prophetess Kehinde Osoba in one of her videos of Facebook expressing her disappointment in Mohbad’s father’s actions.

She revealed that she and Mohbad’s father had reached an agreement not to put out his account number until he was buried.

Part her words read: “I didn’t place Mohbad’s father’s number on my platform for two reasons. First, my platform is not for fundraising, but the most important reason is that, as of now, I can’t share Mohbad’s account number for money. For what? Money for the deceased boy? Let him be buried. What if the boy didn’t die at that moment? Wouldn’t you live your life?

Me and Mohbad’s father agreed that he wouldn’t give his bank account number out to the public until Mohbad was re-buried.

But, to my surprise, I noticed that his account is in the public domain. It’s not my business. I did what I did for him because God instructed me. I am less concerned because I didn’t have a share that I want to collect there.”

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